Hello, My Name is Elisa Eaton.

I am a graphic designer and creative consultant with a passion for color and language. I offer award-winning graphic design including logos, business printing, book covers, custom T-shirts, and much more. At my core, I am an artisan and creative activist. I seek to add living color to the world and stir up the gift of creativity in others.


Every project is about expression. Before the fun can begin, I will typically dialog with you about your design concept, listening intently to your ideas and project goals.


After your consultation, I will draft a few basic designs to help us narrow down the ideas and get closer to the final product.


I will tweak the design you choose based on your feedback. Depending upon the type of project, I will even see the design process through to printing.

Need an artisan's touch for your next project?

Creativity is intelligence having fun. — Albert Einstein