My name is Elisa Eaton and I am the “chief” artisan behind Living Colors & Expressions. I am a graphic designer, editor, and coach. I have always viewed life through the lens of a creative, and I am passionate about stirring up that gift in other people.

When I was in middle school and high school, I would frequently get requests to use my artistic skills to help brighten up an event flyer or to make an event poster. From that point onward, my adventures as a freelance graphic designer continued no matter where life took me. I have volunteered my skills for schools, churches, non-profits, and small businesses alike.

Some of my most rewarding work took place while I worked as a Communications Assistant with the Bridgeport Board of Education in Connecticut. Alongside other members of the department, our work on the print and email newsletter, as well as the Superintendent’s yearly convocation video, won the CABE (Connecticut Boards of Education) Award of Excellence for Educational Communications.

In 2018, I officially launched Living Colors & Expressions, a graphic design and creative consulting firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. We offer award-winning graphic design as well as web design, content creation and editing services, social media management, and much more. I also coach creative and business professionals as well as ministry leaders, helping them tap into their creativity and discover unique and innovative solutions.

But what I do isn’t as important as why I do it. You’re my fellow world-builder, and you have work to do, projects to complete, and a vision to build. Yet your work isn’t just work—it’s your life. Your work is there to put bread on the table, but it is my belief that it can also bring forth the passion of your heart. Because life is art—and we’re here to help you express it.