LC&E offers a variety of editing and content creation services. These services can be applied in combination with our graphic design services, helping you to fashion and polish your final project. We also serve bloggers and authors, providing expert help with articles and manuscripts. Our services are as follows:


Substantive Editing
$7.50 per page
Substantive editing (also called content editing or developmental editing) is an in-depth editing process. This type of editing looks at the “big picture” of the author’s manuscript. It keeps in mind the central message of the manuscript but also ensures that it is well-written.

$4.00 per page
Copyediting addresses grammar, syntax, sentence structure, accurate word choice, verb tense, capitalization, punctuation, missed and repeated words, and paragraph and sentence length. Suggestions can also be made about reorganizing chapter titles or subheadings.

$3.00 per page
Proofreading is like a sifting process that catches the finer errors in your work, such as misspellings and typographic errors. We check for formatting issues, the accuracy of page numbers, the table of contents, running heads, labels, and captions on figures tables and other inserts.


Manuscript Assessments

Partial & Full
Starting at $75 (for 25 pages)

Manuscript assessments are a great way for a writer to get feedback about their work, whether the work is complete or still in progress. LC&E offers general creative feedback to help strengthen your style, support your creative process, and more effectively address your target market. Upon reviewing your manuscript submission, we provide you with a written feedback report (at least 2 to 4 pages) that accompanies our manuscript notes.


Content Creation

$0.12 per word or Custom Project Quote

LC&E provides content creation services tailored to your specific needs. Members of our writing team have decades of experience in the field of public relations, blogging, and creative writing. We can help you shape and refine content for graphic design projects, social media posts, blogs, websites, e-newsletters, and much more.